Sourceguardian Decoder

Want to Decrypt Sourceguardian Php Encoder script? is a Sourceguardian decoder, as the name indicates, here you can decode the files encrypted with Sourceguardian any version easily. We have developers working every day to keep the site and the decoder updated. If you want to decrypt any file, we offer best Sourceguardian Decoder solution.

What is SourceGuardian Php Encoder?

SourceGuardian PHP Encoder is a leading PHP encoding, encryption, obfuscating and licensing software package designed to protect your PHP scripts.

Why People use Sourceguardian Php Encoder?

  • Powerful protection

SourceGuardian PHP Encoder protects your PHP scripts by compiling the PHP source code into a bytecode format, followed by encryption layers.

  • New GUI Interface and command-line encoder

We have created a new GUI for SourceGuardian 11, including Windows, Linux  and Mac OS X also.  This new GUI, combined with the powerful command-line encoder, makes it even easier to encrypt your PHP scripts.

  • Supported PHP Versions

SourceGuardian 11.3 for PHP works with the following versions of PHP: PHP 4, PHP 5 and PHP 7.  PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 are fully supported. We always lead the way amongst PHP Encoders for supporting the latest version of PHP

  • PHP Protection methods

To protect your scripts from unauthorized usage SourceGuardian for PHP has added features that can optionally lock your scripts to run only from predefined IP addresses, domain names or LAN hardware addresses (MAC).

SourceGuardian for PHP can also easily produce trial versions of your scripts by setting an expiry date for your PHP scripts or by limiting the number of days that your protected script will work. To protect against local date changes for trial versions of your protected scripts there is an option for time checking using atomic online time servers.

For larger projects SourceGuardian for PHP provides an option to protect an entire project so that all scripts used in the project will work only with other protected scripts. This way scripts may include a protected script from an unprotected script and this adds another level of protection.
Here is a sample list of protection features

  • Locking to a specific date, with optional atomic online time server checking
  • Locking to multiple domain names
  • Locking to multiple IP addresses
  • Locking to multiple LAN hardware (MAC) addresses
  • Improved locking to a specific domain name with encryption. The domain name is used as a part of the key for encryption, so protected scripts may not be decrypted and run from another domain. This is very powerful
  • Improved locking to an IP address with encryption. This is similar to the domain name locking but an IP address is used as a part of the key for encryption. This means that protected scripts cannot be decrypted and run from another IP address. Locking of an entire PHP project, so that no protected script can run if any other script is substituted 
with an unencoded one or encoded with another installation of SourceGuardian. This is ideal for 
protecting settings, passwords etc within a PHP project.
  • Locking to an external license file produced by the built-in SourceGuardian license 
generator. This is ideal for creating protected scripts to be deployed to different users and it even allows you to assign different locking options to different users. The SourceGuardian license generator tool can run from the GUI or as a command line tool which adds another powerful element – It provides a method for licenses to be dynamically generated and this would be useful (for example) when selling scripts online.
  • Locking protected scripts to work only online
  • Custom text may be added to the generated license file
  • You can now encode only files that were changed since your last encoding session
  • PHP 4,  PHP 5, PHP 7 support, including all the new language features
  • Thread Safety support.  SourceGuardian has a special version of its Loaders available for Thread Safety PHP installations
  • Encoding of HTML templates and other non-PHP files

We have added an option for encoding HTML templates, or other non-PHP files, using the SourceGuardian encoder. HTML templates or other non-PHP files may be encoded by the encoder, then read and decrypted from the protected scripts code. Template files which are encoded as part of the project may be used only from the protected scripts which were encoded as a part of the same project. It’s impossible to use protected templates from unencoded scripts or from scripts encoded with a different SourceGuardian project.

  • Built-in support

To make it easier for our customers, and potential customers, we have added in built-in support to your application.  Now there is no worry of emails from us being spam-trapped – all of our communication can be seen within the application itself.  We also provide support via email and our helpdesk, but this way you can see when your support has been answered directly within SourceGuardian

  • Cross-platform encoding

A script encoded under one operating system will run under any other supported operating systems. Currently, we have the encoder for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Protected scripts will work on Windows, Linux, OSX, FreeBSD.

Script Loaders are available for these operating systems. Please find a list of all supported operating systems on our web site. In the near future, we will support more operating systems and we can create a bespoke loader for your OS.